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08/10 Design Your Own Crochet Shawl Tian Connaughton Play Now
08/17 Sew a Puzzle Ball Faith Hale Play Now
08/17 Handmade Candles: Two Ways Arina from BellaCreme Play Now
08/24 Make the Rainbow Road Mini Quilt Annabel Wrigley Play Now
08/31 Make Painted Papers for Art Making Dawn M. Cardona Play Now
09/06 Make Herbal Tinctures Arina from BellaCreme Add to Calendar 06/09/2022 06/09/2022 Make Herbal Tinctures with Arina from BellaCreme https://www.creativebug.com/classseries/single/make-herbal-tinctures Filled with care, consciousness, and consideration in every ounce, tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts made from plants and used as herbal remedies. Incorporating such beneficial flora as elderberry, echinacea, and calendula, Arina from BellaCreme demystifies the magic of making herbal tinctures at home. With just two simple...
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09/08 Make Body Butter with Gylcerite Arina from BellaCreme Add to Calendar 08/09/2022 08/09/2022 Make Body Butter with Gylcerite with Arina from BellaCreme https://www.creativebug.com/classseries/single/make-body-butter-with-gylcerite It's not often that many of us really consider how our bodies absorb what we put on our skin just like they ingest what we put in our mouths. That's why it so important to use safe, all-natural ingredients like what's in this luscious body butter made by Arina from BellaCreme. This recipe is a great alternative to store bought lotions...
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09/13 Make Scented Sprays for Body and Home Arina from BellaCreme Add to Calendar 13/09/2022 13/09/2022 Make Scented Sprays for Body and Home with Arina from BellaCreme https://www.creativebug.com/classseries/single/make-scented-sprays-for-body-and-home Fill your life with your favorite scents, as Arina of BellaCreme teaches you how to make safe and all-natural scented sprays for your home and car. You can choose to make two of Arina's favorite recipes - Amor de Amara with a gentle rose aroma or Calendula Menthe with a fresh, clean, earthy scent - or simply follow the steps to bottle your own...
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09/21 Make to Give: Charitable Crafting The Team at Creativebug Add to Calendar 21/09/2022 21/09/2022 Make to Give: Charitable Crafting with The Team at Creativebug https://www.creativebug.com/classseries/single/make-to-give-charitable-crafting
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